How To Use Google Advanced Image Search To Find Product Images

This quick hack saved me hours (and $$$) from trying to remove my suppliers watermarked images.

If you’re like me you may have suppliers that have absolutely NO IDEA how to work with retailers.

Maybe they’re happy doing things the same way they’ve done them since 1993.

Supplier: Hey, we did by with a 4-page website then so we’ll be fine now, right?

Me: Ummm… Not really, no. 

One of the most frustrating problems I’ve had in the past is when a supplier has all these great product images that aren’t accessible to me through their website.

I’d go to right click and download the image but would only have a “save as webpage” option.

Or, I’ve had the complete opposite problem where my suppliers watermark their website images making them almost impossible to use.

(Google really doesn’t like watermarked images!)

googles watermarked image policy

As frustrating as it may be I have found a little hack which may make your life just a little easier 🙂

Google Advanced Image Search: The Sneaky Way to Find Product Images

I’ve been able to find some really good hidden images from my suppliers in the past that weren’t available by browsing their website by using Google’s Advanced Image Search tool.

All you do is simply grab the URL of your supplier’s website and paste it into the “site or domain:” section.

Hit “Advanced Search” and see the images pop up ready for download!

Here’s a how-to video I created just for you guys