How to Create a Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification

Recently I found myself stuck when trying to create multiple YouTube channels to represent and promote my various affiliate websites. I needed to create a Gmail account without phone number verification – this is why…

What I sometimes like to do along side creating a website for each product I promote, is to create a series of videos that all target a certain product keyword.

For example; if I were promoting Athletic Greens, I’d have a niche website called something like “”.

To boost my chances of exposure I also target the second largest search engine, YouTube by creating a YouTube channel with the same name as my website – ie. My Athletic Greens Review.

I’ll explain in more about how I create these YouTube channels and video’s in a later post but for now, let’s focus on the problem at hand.

Google has a spam sniffing algorithm that tries to detect if you’re a real person when you’re applying for a new Google account (Gmail account).

If Google suspects anything suspicious, you’ll be prompted for a phone number to verify your account application.

If you create a Gmail account from your IP address once, Google will remember that IP and will ask for verification if you try to make another Gmail account within a short period of time (perhaps a week or two).

But wait, there’s another-road block….

Google will only let you have a small number of accounts per phone used for verification within a short amount of time.

(Again – I’m not 100% sure of the exact amount of time it takes to reset a number of verifications per phone)…

For example; I can have something like 5 Google accounts verified from my phone number but when I try and use my phone to verify the 6th, I’m show this error message from the big G’…

How to Create a Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification - error messagefullscreen=”allowfullscreen”>

This started to become a real pain-in-the-ass when I had to borrow my wife’s phone to verify my new Google accounts.

Needless to say I was persistent to find a way around this dilemma and found in my research a website which lets you create an “online voicemail number”.

This website,, enables it’s users to create a unique phone number where callers leave a voice message that can be emailed straight to your inbox as an audio file.

This way all you need to do is set up a free account at, use the phone number provided by K7 for your Gmail account application, retrieve the code which is sent via your email and voila… You have yourself a new account.


There’s always a but!

A short time ago K7’s available numbers all but disappeared.


So It was back to the drawing board.

I tried using my VPN, Private Internet Access which I solemnly swear by but no matter where I tried to tell Google I was in the world, nothing worked.

Eventually, after many long nights of testing, I finally found a way to create a Google account without phone verification.

It’s really pretty darn simple.

How to Create a Gmail Account Without Phone Number Verification

Want to know how to do it yourself?

Check out my How-to video below…

Instead, share how YOU were able to find a way around.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest…

Enjoy 🙂