How To Set Your Morning Up For Success

I’m bluntly stealing this idea from the one-and-only Tim Ferriss who asks each of his podcast guests the same question: “What do the first ideal 60-90 minutes look like upon waking?”

I, as Ferris is, am a firm believer that if you set yourself up correctly you give yourself a huge boost in the right direction each day. Listening to his highly successful guests detail their morning routines has given me many tips and hacks that have lead to a more productive and happier me that carries on throughout the day.

My Morning Routine

Here’s my ideal morning routine minus the standard things such as brushing teeth etc.

(Note that as long as I tick of 1/2 of the things on this list I consider it a “good” start)

  • Wake between 4:30am – 5:00am before anyone else in the house is up
  • Shower with the last minute standing in cold water aimed toward my lower neck/upper back – for metabolic stimulation and awakening
  • Sit at the dining table in low light and listen to a guided meditation track for 10 minutes using Calm app on my iPhone ensuring its set to “Do not disturb”
  • Sit in quiet and eat breakfast consisting of the same thing each day: scrambled eggs, chopped spinach, kidney bean salsa, bacon and avocado with a camomile tea – à la “Slow Carb Diet”.
  • Work on my business for 1 hour until 6:30am – 7:00am when my daughter and wife wake up
  • Make my bed – very important
  • Brew strong french press coffee and leave for work,

QUESTION(S) OF THE DAY: What does your ideal morning look like? Leave your comments below.