Dear Mr. Boss, Screw U: My First 2 Weeks Inside the “Screw U” Membership Forum

I can’t quite say that to my boss yet but the count down timer is on. It will only be another year or two at most before I’m free from the dreaded 5 am Monday through Friday alarm.

I realised around 18 months ago after reading “The Four Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss that my life was not panning out how I’d “dreamed” it would. (I know, I now, how cliché). The more important lesson I learned from that book is that there was something I could do about it to change it – become an online entrepreneur.

After 6 months of learning what the world of online business was about, I took a course in the e-commerce industry known as “Drop Ship Lifestyle”. I absolutely loved it. I was building a real business of my own. I had something to tell people that I was proud of when asked “what do you do?”. The only problem was that my business was in the furniture niche which Google says only 14% of all furniture is sold online.
After spending 5 months building and running my baby furniture business I began to see that my profit margins were far to low to warrant my continued efforts building the business. The financial and physiological blow that were received by myself and my family after deciding to abandon my first attempt of an online business were tough. It would take me another four months to recover before I attempted to build another business.
Before diving back into drop shipping, I set out to again research what other online business models may be better suited to match my goal of having an online business. As you can imagine answering phone calls for my business during work hours didn’t go down too well with my boss. I found exactly what I was looking for when I came across Josh and Jill Stanton and their website
I reached out to Josh and Jill from Screw U before I decided to move forward with their Screw U membership course and was really impressed with their responsiveness and willingness to help me make the right choice. After a few more weeks of research and conversations convincing my wife that I needed to spend more money online, (something that I’m sure makes no sense to a lot of people), I was in.
Now, a mere 2 weeks after joining Screw U, not only have I accomplished a ton of work toward my goal of generating an income from affiliate marketing, but I’ve gained more information about the industry than I could have expected. All while putting in a maximum of 1-2 hours per day.
Here’s what I’ve accomplished in my first 2 weeks;
  • Signed up for Screw U!
  • Watched all of the training videos in modules 1 and 2
  • Created my forum profile
  • Found a great accountability partner – Karen
  • Started a 14 Day Challenge – Awesome productivity hack!
  • Signed up with a Bluehost plus package and registered my domain
  • Purchased the Balance theme and Genesis framework for my blog site from Studiopress
  • Created and installed my sites logo and favicon
  • Installed a ton of plugins
  • Wrote 4 blog posts on my blog site and edited the layout of the site
  • Launched my site
  • Applied to 12 Affiliate networks
  • Conducted product research on Google, Amazon and through affiliate network sites to generate a list of 250 products
  • Purchased and installed Long Tail Platinum and began keyword research
All of this while working my 9-5, being sent to work away for a week on night shift, selling my drop shipping store, training for Tough Mudder and looking after the family.
If I were to go back now and do it again, yeah I could do it all a lot quicker. Probably in a matter of hours. But when you’re figuring things out for the first time you can’t rush it – that’s when you fuck up and lose motivation, momentum and self doubt sets in.
I’m jumping straight back in to another 14 day challenge. My aim is to do at least ONE THING for my business each day, rain-hail-or-shine.